Artist Statement


Artmaking gives me a visceral experience of the world and access to an alternative landscape in which color, shape, and texture convey meaning outside the realm of the literal. Standing at an easel or crouched over a drawing, I’ve made thrilling discoveries that have consistently offered me a unique non-verbal connection with the world.

I've found my voice through what’s best described as a deliberate, yet intuitive practice. The process of making new work is not an intellectual one, but one of curiosity and attention. The colors I apply layer by layer, the forms that emerge, the areas I obscure and then scrape away—this is a method whereby a new world is formed and the unpredictable revealed. For me, artmaking is a mix of right and left brain, a dance of feeling and thought, a play between improvisation and the application of critical sensibilities.

It’s my goal that, through communion with the more broadly interpretive scope of the abstract realm, my work offers a respite from our habitual way of interfacing with the world. I encourage a synergistic relationship between artist, artwork, and viewer and create with the intent that viewers layer their memories and experiences atop my own; that each divine personal significance that’s distinct and meaningful.